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Hello, thanks for dropping by my website. 

According to some experts, the best person to record an audiobook, or script, is someone with a voice that appeals to the listener's ear.  After all, a great story deserves a competent reader who has a distinctive voice. Aside from my professional voice acting training,
I have been blessed with one of those voices.

                            Audiobook Production to Amazon (ACX) Standards

My services include editing and mastering audiobooks, so you receive a professionally-produced audiobook.  Ready to instantly upload and sell on Amazon, or any other outlet of your choice.

       Allow me to put my talent and skills to work for you!

The Incursion
Charles Dickens
Dramatic Read
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Audio Production




Recorded Messages

Audio Editing

Location - No problem!
The internet and modern technology means distance is no longer a problem, this is particularly true with voice recordings. Once you've made contact I'll explain our many options. 

​Leading Brand Recording Equipment 
Using the best equipment is often the difference between an average recording or a high quality end result. I use only equipment regarded the world-over as the leaders in their field.

Soundproof Recording Booth
My isolation booth has been specifically treated to maximise the sonic quality. There will be no echoes, reverberation, hiss or noise in my recordings.

Broadcast Quality Microphones
Rode NT2-A - Rode Procaster - Sennheiser MKH 416
The best microphones don’t come cheap, but are essential to a good recording. Depending on the situation I have  three of the highest quality microphones available for voice recordings today

Audio Interface: Audient iD14
The interface is a key component for producing a clear vibrant sound. The Audient iD14 translates my voice to the digital bits that you’ll receive in a file. The iD14 features exemplary preamplifiers and are preferred by many voice artists.

Digital Audio Software: REAPER 
Once the bits are in the computer they can be manipulated, edited and mastered to your exact specifications. My workstation is tuned exclusively for voiceover, and is optimised for rapid delivery of high quality audio recordings. Don’t wait around while someone works around the limitations of their Audio Workstation.

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Two Easy Contact Options 

Leave me a note in the chat-box or send an email.

Either way, I'll get back to you the same day. 

Ready To Voice Your Next Project

No job too big or small

Location no problem

Affordable prices

Drop me a note and let me know how I can help you create a high quality recording for you -
One that truly stands out!


                        Email Me

Send me an email and let me know how I might be able to help you. It's as simple as that. I will get back to the same day.

          Copyright 2019-2023 Floyd Jefferson 

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